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While Twisted Oak was under construction, many curious folks asked to see the house. After completion, the tours and interest in the home continued, and many visitors asked for more information about the systems and the construction. Others asked when the book would be coming out. The book, Twisted Oak, was written in an attempt to answer the plethora of questions typically asked during a tour of the house. 

Kristina launched Twisted Oak Consulting in response to the comment made during nearly every tour of Twisted Oak: “I would love to build a house like this, but I don’t have the expertise.” This engineering consulting practice is designed to offer support and expertise to clients who wish to take the next step in building, buying, or modifying their homes and lives to create a more sustainable footprint and future.  


Kristina offers one-on-one sustainable living consultations either by phone, Facetime, or Skype.

Face to face appointments in Durango, CO can by made my contacting Kristina directly at

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Kristina Munroe. a professional engineer, lives in Durango Colorado with her two sons, Austin and Andy at their home they named Twisted Oak, a house they designed and built together with the help of a small band of talented characters. Their home heats and cools itself, generates its own power, collects and heats its own household water and manages its waste in an environmentally responsible way.

Kristina grew up in Durango, Colorado, attended Durango High School, and graduated valedictorian in 1983. She graduated with High Honors from Northeastern University in Boston, MA, earning a civil engineering degree with an emphasis on structural design in 1988.
During her career, she worked as a Naval Architect for the US Navy, as an engineer for The Boeing Company on the design of the Boeing 777, and for smaller design firms specializing in the design of bridges and marine structures.
In 1999, Kristina turned her attention back to her longtime interest in architecture, specializing in the structural design of small commercial and residential projects. She started Munroe Engineering in Seattle, WA in 2001. She holds a professional engineering license (PE) in both Washington State and Colorado.

Kristina has created Twisted Oak Consulting as a way to offer her knowledge and experience to help others design and build their own self-sustaining homes.

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