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A Journey to Create a Self-Published Book

posted Monday Apr 23, 2018 01:26 PM

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Kristina Munroe

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The Journey to Create a Self-Published Book

As many of you may know, Twisted Oak: A Journey to Create of Self-Sustaining Life and Home is a self-published book. I had never really seriously considered writing a book until a little over a year ago, and little did I know what was ahead of me. I had no idea what it would take to write, format, and publish a full-color book. When the time came to decide if I was going to put my work out into the world for others to read, self-publishing felt like the right path for me and my book.

Making that choice meant learning how to format the book, how to print it, and how to distribute it. As a reader, these were things I had never given a second thought. As a newbie author, I began my journey by picking a well-advertised self-publishing company with a flashy website and a sales agent who said “yes” to all my questions. Even though I had already paid this company for an $1800 color printing package when it came time to publish the book I began to hear, “That will cost you extra.”

Enter I heard about this publisher from a fellow author, and once I understood what I needed in a publisher, I was impressed with the services eBookIt offered and how inexpensively I could publish my 250 page, full-color interior book. I wanted to offer my book as a Print On Demand (POD) as well as an ebook, so I called the telephone number on the website. Yes. EBookIt has a phone number with real, knowledgeable people who will talk you through publishing a book! In fact, the folks at eBookit have been with me every step of the way - always a message, phone call, or email away.

Since I had a print-ready book, I was able to set up my book for Print On Demand and distribution for $114 and the e-version for $9. I compared those prices to the $1800 required from the other company and selected as my self-publishing companions. 

In addition to these services, I was able to sign up for an invaluable self-paced course, How To Turn Your Book Into a Bestseller. They also offer other valuable a la Carte services: author website, press release services, audio books, cover and interior design services. I can choose how much I want to tackle and which services I’d rather pay to have a professional do for me.

Because the price was so reasonable I was worried that the print book might not have the quality I was looking for my full-color memoir. I had searched the bookstore for self-published books and found many that looked and felt cheap. However, when Twisted Oak arrived, it was beautiful and felt great to hold - just how I like any good book to feel when I read one. 

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